Simon is a father, businessman, and retired professional athlete.

Simon draws business insights from his lifelong commitment to sport, training and competition to assess and advise start-ups. He leverages his deep networks in the universe of athletics to create new business development opportunities for his portfolio of companies.

Simon is well known for his leadership, advocacy and mentorship. His impact on Canadians is best summarized by Scott Russell (CBC Network Sports) who shared the following upon the October 2013 news of Simon’s retirement as a professional athlete: “Simon Whitfield has throughout his career been a standard bearer for his sport, his family and most importantly, his country. As the first Olympic triathlon champion he will forever be an iconic figure to countless Canadians. His exploits on the international stage have inspired a generation of young people to live the Olympic life and to do so with dignity, grace and a sense of fair play. Simon Whitfield is the consummate competitor but beyond that, he is an advocate for all that is good about sport. His name is synonymous with athletic greatness in our country. It has been an inspiration to know him, follow his journey and to call him a friend. His legacy is without question, immense.”

Simon takes his roles as triathlon’s ambassador to Canada and as Canada’s ambassador to the world very seriously. He supports numerous charities and loves few things as much as visiting schools to speak to children about finding their own passions and setting goals.